At Design Unit Engineering, we have a team of engineers who like to challenge their abilities, with innovative designs. We make sure our designs are aesthetically beautiful and economical, adding value to the society and environment.

We provide,

  • Structural Designs
  • Structural Analysis
  • Detailed Structural Design Reports
  • Safety Assessment
  • Estimations

We have the expertise to design,

  • Large span steel structures, with light weight and flat roofs
  • Structures with precast floors and wall elements
  • Multi storey Steel structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Timber structures
  • Post – tension structures
  • Large RC underground and elevated reservoirs
  • Pile foundations, Raft foundations, Soil stabilization schemes, Retaining structures,

We also take up other specialized structural engineering works such as,

  • Third party independent design reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Structural assessment and rehabilitation of old buildings
  • Technical specification and Bill of quantities
  • Pre tender cost estimate
  • Evaluation of Bids and contract negotiations
  • Structural Supervision
  • Value Engineering

Architecture is who we are, and what we do. With over three decades of experience, we transform our client’s ambitions into functional and appealing human environments.

We believe Architecture is just not the aesthetics of a building, but, the ability to bring about all elements together to create spaces that lift the spirits.

We are a team of Artists with a vision to create iconic, and sustainable designs

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services (MEP), is a significant component of the construction supply chain. MEP design is critical for design decision-making, accurate documentation, performance and cost-estimating, construction planning, managing and operating the resulting facility.

We undertake works that involve production of schematic designs, single line diagrams, detailed technical drawings and tender documents for:

  • Low and Medium Voltage Substations
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power distribution
  • Emergency and Uninterrupted Power system
  • Lighting Design, control system and specialized lighting effects
  • Field and sports facilities Lighting Design
  • Earthing and Lightning protection Networks
  • Fire detection, Alarm and evacuation system
  • IP based Voice and data networks
  • IP Television system
  • SMATV system
  • Sound and public address system
  • Audio Visual and Digital signage system
  • Time Attendance and Parking control system
  • Security system, Access control, CCTV & Intrusion Detection
  • Special system for Hospital and Hotel
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing & Drainage network system
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Kitchen and Laundry Equipment design
  • Swimming pools and water feature Designs
  • Boiler and Plumbing stations
  • Medical Gases system for Healthcare facilities
  • Mechanical Transportation system
  • Building and energy Management system
  • Automated control and Home automation system

Infrastructure Services:

  • Low and Medium Power distribution networks and substations
  • Low current systems networks
  • Fibre networks
  • Street and green area lighting
  • Diesel Power Generation Plant
  • Sewage and waste water networks
  • Domestic water and Fire-fighting network
  • Irrigation network
  • Gasoline storage and Distribution networks
  • District cooling plants and networks

Additional services:

Besides the aforementioned mainstream activities, we undertake works related to the following.

  • Technical specification and Bill of quantities
  • Pre tender cost estimation
  • Evaluation of Bids and contract negotiations
  • Site supervision and Quality Assurance
  • Value Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Renovation and Upgrading works
  • Shop drawings, as built and co-ordination works.
  • Final Handing over
  • Field investigation, Surveying and Data collection
  • Electromechanical green building consultancy – Sustainable design

Design Unit Engineering has a proven track record of providing a quality property development solution. We provide efficient, accountable solutions for simple or complex, small or large residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial projects. Over the years, we have established ourselves as reputed Construction Managers.

Our capability and our proven liaison skills with related approval authorities ensure we obtain the best and most effective solutions for our clients.

Our team adopt a holistic approach to manage development projects till client handover, with the ultimate goals being,

  • Providing leadership for the Project Team and responsibility for the overall success of the project.
  • Provide a single point of contact for clients.
  • Provide an owners perspective through developed experience and reporting.
  • Assist clients in balancing competing demands between the desired development program, time cost and quality.
  • Provide effective communication and management of various stakeholders and end users.
  • Reduce risks and eliminate surprises by dealing with issues prior to them arising.
  • Maximize project quality, improve project outcomes and tailor services to each project.
  • Obtain the right approvals and Monitor costs
  • Deliver the project in a timely manner, within the budget, ensuring a high level of quality

We can assist in a number of areas within the development and construction process. We offer construction management, client representation, superintendence and supervision services. The services we offer include,

Feasibility and Concept

  • Define client’s requirements
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Concept planning
  • Master planning and programming
  • Cost planning and business case management
  • Stakeholder management and approvals

Design and Approvals

  • Design management
  • Prepare and submit applications for authority approvals
  • Undertaken design and documentation
  • Appoint sub-consultants
  • Client representative in consultation with Councils and other authorities
  • Prepare cost plan/project budget and manage
  • Obtain approvals and construction certificate
  • Monitor program


  • Project budgeting and reporting
  • Prepare contract documents
  • Tender preparation and assessment
  • Overall project management and reporting
  • Cost management
  • Program management
  • Contract administration
  • Superintendence
  • Claims assessment
  • Construction supervision
  • Prepare final certifications and gain approvals
  • Registration of final plans (As built)

Project Management

The potential benefits of our flexible approach, allows our clients to increase profitability and reduce risk as a result of:-

  • Proactively resolving conflicts between construction, budget and schedule
  • Clear, timely solutions delivered
  • A variety of contractual delivery methods
  • Allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business
  • Understanding and facilitation of various team members
  • Management of all communications
  • Tailored proposals in accordance with scoped requirements
  • Provide full time reporting and on site supervision

We, at Design Unit Engineering provide high-quality Quantity Surveying, Estimation & Tendering Services to Clients. Our Quantity Surveyors are well versed with the various Standard Conditions of Contracts used in projects involving a wide selection of clients, consultants and contractors. They are an integral part of the design and project management team.

We provide:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Budget estimating
  • Cost planning
  • Advice on contractor selection
  • Preparation of Tender & Contract Document
  • Tender analysis, Negotiation and Recommendation
  • Cost control
  • Valuing and Agreeing contract variations
  • Valuation of work in progress
  • Payment Certification
  • Negotiating & agreement of final accounts

International Associate – KRAAIJVANGER, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Established in 1927, Kraaijvanger has been creating environments where people work better, learn better, and enjoy themselves more.

Kraaijvanger’s portfolio includes, public spaces, public buildings, and urban districts, where unique encounters occur, where beautiful memories are made, and where important decisions are taken.



International Associate – ICON, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

ICON is an international urban, landscape and infrastructure design practice, specializing in the planning and engineering of city spaces, landscapes and infrastructure.

ICON’s portfolio includes, public spaces, parks, mixed-use developments, tourist attractions, retail schemes, hospitals and other community and commercial spaces.

ICON is ISO certified conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. ICON is registered in Abu Dhabi under the official name Intelligent Consult – Consultant Engineers – LLC with a registration no. CN-1086219.